Notes on reservation【ご予約に関する注意点】


This is  “Notes on reservations” for customers and us to spend the time that is comfortable and happy each other, please make sure to read until last and make a reservation. (English below)







キチキチは 見ておいしい! 食べて美味しい! お店です。


Your seat is an hour. Please be punctual to get Kichikichi before 5 mins of your reservation time.

We will make your dishes all at once. If you cannot arrive on your reservation time, there is an automatic cancellation of your reservation. We do not cancel your reservation only when you call us in advance. ( the email is impossible.)

About the late cases, your seat time gets shorter. For example: even when you are 15mins late at your reservation of 5pm, your seats will be by 6pm. Changing seats and time is possible if we have space.

Our restaurant has 8 counter seats and the one big table, is small restaurant. There’s no enough space for your big luggage or strollers. 

Kichikichi provide all customers the epic cooking show and the delicious food!!


To make a reservation , please click here