Notes on reservation【ご予約に関する注意点】

Notes on reservation【ご予約に関する注意点】

you can book from 4 weeks in advance.

It’s currently possible to make reservation up to 15th/September
The reservation system is updated weekly at  15:00 on Sundays
(Japan Time; GMT+9).

Our restaurant is small , and has 8 seats so please book.
Please make sure you arrive punctually for your booking.
If you are just 10 minutes late , your booking will be cancelled automatically ( Unless you make a special request. )


You can take a seat for only one hour 

If you need to cancel or make a change to your reservation , please contact

Thank you.

When you finished making a reservation,
you will receive e-mail about reservation

『ザ・洋食屋キチキチ』はカウンター8席の 小さなレストランです。


We are going to Whitehorse, Canada for a vacation. We are sorry that we will close the restaurant for 10 days, from August 19th to August 28th.

To make a reservation , please click here