Signature of reservation calendar【カレンダー表記について】

  • Signature of reservation calendar【カレンダー表記について】



スクリーンショット-2017-12-08-18.23.26_06 All the seats are booked.
スクリーンショット-2017-12-08-18.23.26_08 Holiday or Out of the reservation period



Reservation will be confirmed after reply mail from us.

If you can’t get a reservation …

We have the shared table for non-reservation customers as well so please come here and  line up along the wall,please. (Dont interrupt a passenger)

The table seat is also limited so we suddenly stop accepting when the capacity has reached. 

Weekday 5pm-9pm

Weekends and public holidays 12pm-2pm,5pm-9pm

Thank you for your your understanding in advance. 

Hope you have a chance to dine here.

Owner chef Yukimura Motokichi

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【営業日カレンダー The business day calendar】